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Deanna Maich-Kohler - the driver but I take passengers!

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Environmental Artist Deanna Maich-Kohler is a registered teacher and offers environmental workshops in her local region of Atherton. Her workshops are available as one on one of group over most holidays. The include: eco dyeing cloth, natural dye painting, upcycling clothes, hapa-zome (hammered plant prints). "The lack of legislation around plastics and toxins in landfill and our marine world can be overbearing. Changing our language and habits are things we can do to make this world more liveable for future generations" Deanna delivers workshops not only focussing on new skills, but investigating where we source our arts supplies, the role we play in maintaining a healthy environment, and how we can influence others with environmental choices. Deanna has an undergraduate degree in languages and theatre, a diploma in arts and a Graduate Diploma in Education. She is one of the founding members of ACAC - Atherton Childrens Art Club, which was established in 2014. She has recently (Dec 2017) illustrated three of her sister's books - Bianca Begovich.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Fold Face

Easy paint and fold face, then 'Gimp' (free downloadable picture editor) addition of eyes, brows, mouth, nose and hair - a mother daughter creation.

Earth Stick girls

A fun project made with clay faces - air dried and painted, sticks and material - everything fairly compostable and attainable. Fun garden imps to keep things happy in the sandpit.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Ephemeral banana and eucalypt mandala

Inspired by a FB post of James Blunt art. Materials: Banana bell (male bud) with lines of male flowers inside (these produce the pollen) and red banana bell bracts (modified leaves), eucalypt leaves/buds and flowers (in the middle), and charcoal. Today a couple of terrific home-schoolers and I had a wonderful exercise in collection, categorising, clearing (raking) leveling, placement, pattern recognition, spacing, measuring, preparing, botany, dissection, ephemeral art, environmental awareness and patience.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Eco-dye without salts in a copper bath on wool

I was interested to see what would happen if I only used copper items in the bath with singapore daisy and then 'wood square' wrapped the wool with raggedy anne, carob leaves, poinciana and Tassie cordata. Very subtle colourings...I think I will overdye using a iron bath...

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Blocks screws and old plastic hose

At Atherton Children's Art Club - we created some wonderful 3D sculptures from dump polypipe, black beans, fire tree pods, screws and washers. Mostly natural and only had to buy a few screws and a drill bit that cracked mercilessly in half:) I love the way one student (6 years) attached the blackbean pods as wings. Some kids experienced using screwdrivers for the first time. The flame tree pods made wonderful mouths and when  screws came through from the eyes, simultaneously teeth appeared. Assemblage with these objects was so quick - another students put 3 pieces together in the two hours.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Woollen shoulder bag - eco dyed in copper pot and embellished.

Woollen eco-dyed bag second place in Ekka last year....gifted to the model.

Eco dyed blanket bag

Some hand seed stitch and some machine leaf stitch. Eco dyed and embossed with poinciana. Woollen blanket shell and inner cotton. Shoulder bag - phone and wallet. Hot off the machine yesterday. Getting ready for the market.