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Environmental Artist Deanna Maich-Kohler is a registered teacher and offers environmental workshops in her local region of Atherton. Her workshops are available as one on one of group over most holidays. The include: eco dyeing cloth, natural dye painting, upcycling clothes, hapa-zome (hammered plant prints). "The lack of legislation around plastics and toxins in landfill and our marine world can be overbearing. Changing our language and habits are things we can do to make this world more liveable for future generations" Deanna delivers workshops not only focussing on new skills, but investigating where we source our arts supplies, the role we play in maintaining a healthy environment, and how we can influence others with environmental choices. Deanna has an undergraduate degree in languages and theatre, a diploma in arts and a Graduate Diploma in Education. She is one of the founding members of ACAC - Atherton Childrens Art Club, which was established in 2014. She has recently (Dec 2017) illustrated three of her sister's books - Bianca Begovich.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Eco print workshops January 2017

$25 each workshop 

($60 family of 3)
(Book all three workshops for  $65)

Friday 6th January, Hapa Zome, We will be transferring leaf and petal prints onto cotton. 

  • old white/cream sheet or pillow case with good weave;
  • any garden leaves, petals, e.g. geranium, tamarillo, Italian parsely, raggedy ann, hibiscus petal, Japanese maple, poinsettia leaves (not for clothing but ok on sample as poisonous)
  • A rubber mallet if you have one.
  • A wooden board, if you have one. (old breadboard)

Friday 13th January, Dyes in a pot for paper dying and ice flower dye.

  • cream/light coloured old silk or woollen blanket for samples. 
  • Beetroot, onion skins, avocado skins, used tea bags, raspberry, blackberry, turmeric, golden penda leaves, petunia petals, elderberries, cherries and anything that you have noticed in the garden that leaves a mark.
  • Jars to bring home dyes 
  • paper you like and brushes
Friday 20th January, Resist bundling and embossing.

  • Woollen blankets - for embossing
  • Silk
  • Ties for bundling - can be strips of sheet or rope
  • Poinciana pod, clam shells
  • onion skins
  • Any garden leaves/berries that you think may leave a stain - gum leaves are particularly good.
I will be able to supply some items to get anyone out of trouble but it is advised to do a little collecting before coming:)

Ring on 40954809 if you have any other queries.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Pistacchio People

Here is an activity following pistacchio munching. P People heads and bodies with a fine nibbed marker. Mix and match heads and bodies. Play with mindful activities for toddlers/pre-school. "Who is this person?" "Who does he/she look like?" "What is he/she doing?" "Can you put a group/scene together and tell me what is happening?" "Why is this one angry?" "How did he/she become angry?" "What can they do to become happy?"

Hapa Zome

Preparing for another Hapa Zome workshop. My new leaf shoots of my ice-cream bean are tremendous for this task at this time of year. Simple backing of sheets suffices. Raggedy Anne also a good dye leaf and sage works well if you can tap with an oh so steady hand. Great idea for Christmas socks especially if you dont pre-mordant with alum. The less washing the better:)