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Environmental Artist Deanna Maich-Kohler is a registered teacher and offers environmental workshops in her local region of Atherton. Her workshops are available as one on one of group over most holidays. The include: eco dyeing cloth, natural dye painting, upcycling clothes, hapa-zome (hammered plant prints). "The lack of legislation around plastics and toxins in landfill and our marine world can be overbearing. Changing our language and habits are things we can do to make this world more liveable for future generations" Deanna delivers workshops not only focussing on new skills, but investigating where we source our arts supplies, the role we play in maintaining a healthy environment, and how we can influence others with environmental choices. Deanna has an undergraduate degree in languages and theatre, a diploma in arts and a Graduate Diploma in Education. She is one of the founding members of ACAC - Atherton Childrens Art Club, which was established in 2014. She has recently (Dec 2017) illustrated three of her sister's books - Bianca Begovich.

2006-2015 Selected workshops for school kids

2015 "Blooming Jellyfish" found objects workshop 

AthertonChildren's Art Club 


 2015 Atherton After School Care, Wind Hangers

2015 Atherton Playgroup Food Art

2015 Leaf Bugs


2015 Where's Wally Wheatheads


2010 Face-painting workshop, Designed and delivered by Deanna Maich. "Different Strokes"


2010, Mask Making Workshop - "Different Strokes"

2010 "Different Strokes Cartoon Workshop

2010 Different Strokes Painting workshop


2010 "Different Strokes" OHP work

2006 Mural workshops - Yorkeys Knob

2006 Yorkeys Community Centre

2006 Machan's Beach School Assemblage Art and Mosaic

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